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How to find marketing copy that captures the soul of your company or product . . . copy that moves people to act and buy

Most publishers have many people who can write. But when time is of the essence and the stakes are high, you want copy that helps guarantee success now.

Jim Sinkinson has been helping publishers—large and small—craft powerful, selling copy for high-stakes projects for decades.  He’s worked with many of the industry’s most innovative publishers to create direct mail, email and website copy for high-priced content—conferences, webinars, data services, special reports, newsletters and magazines.

In addition, he’s helped businesses define themselves through website redesign and market positioning projects.

Sinkinson has won numerous awards for his work with other publishers, including two Gold Awards from

Newsletter on Newsletters, editorial awards from SIPA, and an Axel award for a personalized marketing package he created for Tom Peters’ On Achieving Excellence.  In 2015, Sinkinson received a Gold Award from SIPA for his launch of a conference series.


While awards are always gratifying—for copywriters and for clients—the most important measure is always results.  Call Jim when you want to make a difference: Phone 510-914-0958 or write: jim at


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