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Jim lends hands-on experience as a publisher, consultant, trainer and speaker to help build your enterprise
Jim led his own publishing company for more than 30 years and has worked to assist dozens of other publishers improve their publishing, content and marketing results.
Jim Sinkinson founded Infocom Group in 1980 and sold it in 2015. The company produced online data services, newsletters, webinars, books, special reports, ad-based media and live professional development conferences and seminars for the PR/corporate communications market. Sinkinson has won numerous awards for his work with other publishers, including two Gold Awards from Newsletter on Newsletters, editorial awards from SIPA, and an Axel award for a personalized
marketing package he created for Tom Peters’ On Achieving Excellence.  In 2015, Sinkinson received a Gold Award from SIPA for his launch of a conference series.
Jim served as president of the Northern California chapter of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) for 25 years, served on the SIPA board of directors for 12 years, and served as SIPA president in 1993-94.  In June 2001, he was named to the SIPA Hall of Fame as its twenty-first member. He has spoken on specialized information marketing and content at some 60 SIPA events and today, as a publishing consultant, continues to assist publishers worldwide.  Jim conducts full-day marketing and content/editorial seminars in the U.S. and Europe.  He offers expertise in copywriting, online marketing, editorial content, conference production, sales, strategic planning, product development and innovation.
With specific regard to experience in events, Jim has personally produced dozens of conferences, seminars and webinars, and chaired production of an annual SIPA international conference and numerous SIPA Best Practice Conferences.  His company, Infocom Group, produced hundreds more events under his guidance.

To book Jim for speaking, training, consulting or writing assignments call 510-914-0958 or write: jim at

"I printed out a slide from one of Jim's presentations, and I keep it pinned up near my desk.  I can almost recite it by heart.  Nobody explains the concept of 'benefit' the way he does."

Luis Hernandez

Director of Strategy

FDA News

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