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Jim’s intensive onsite trainings are
customized to your business—
and focused on
improving your KPIs

While some trainers present canned seminars, Jim Sinkinson integrates your marketing and/or content into the fabric of his training.  His goal is not just to teach your team new skills, but rather to change the way you do business—so you improve your Key Performance Indicators and your bottom line.

Jim brings decades of experience helping publishers transform their enterprises—from the content they create to the marketing and business models they use to vault them forward.

Full-day workshops help ignite your team to boost results

These workshops are usually paired: many publishers match Content Marketer's Bootcamp and Content Architecture, while others pair Renewals, Conversion and Retention with Information Memberships.  However, any of these consultations can be held individually.


All workshops are customized extensively to address the publisher’s particular challenges, opportunities and business models, as well as the publisher’s current marketing, content and product mix.

Some of the companies worldwide that have benefited from Jim’s training


Coleman Report

Bradford & Company

EB Medicine

American Health Consultants

Verlag Norman Rentrop

FDA News

Beverage Digest


Behrs Verlag

Ragan Communications

Wiedza i Praktyka

Auer Verlag

PaperClip Communications


McGill Advisory

Rentrop & Stratton


WEKA Media

Maas & Peither

Forum Verlag

Business Valuation Resources

Capital Publications

Gale Publishing

Facts and Logic About the Middle East

First Class Flyer

Diversified Communications

More information on how this training can improve your results?

If you're interested in seeing outlines of these workshops and learning more about how they can help invigorate a publishing team (as well as sales results), please give Jim a call at 510-914-0958 or drop him a note at: jim at

"Jim has contributed to several important aspects of our business.  We did Jim's two-day marketing and editorial training.  The result was a dramatically increased awareness of what our editorial needs to do. Jim gave us ideas for bringing our articles to life, getting readers engaged faster, with more panache.  After 20 years in publishing, we never had a true editorial architecture.  Now our editorial has a stronger mission and structure---it helps us train writers, it gave us a significant 15% bump in trials-to-conversion, and we've gotten a consistent increase in retention as well.  Working with Jim as a consultant or copywriter is unique in my experience.  He gets his arms around the job completely---and he's versatile. He's helped me recruit an editorial board, create a new landing page, and he's helped with our editorial writing.  Every job he does is turn-key---give him the ball, he runs with it. I trust him. He's always going to use good judgment."


Murray Bradford, CPA

Publisher, The Tax Reduction Letter

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