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Enlist Jim to energize your conference, seminar or webinar—with
transformative ideas and skills that change participants’ lives

Jim lends unusual perspectives, high energy and practical solutions to marketing and editorial issues.  His mission is not merely to inspire, but also to change his attendees’ lives for the better—with actionable strategies they can employ immediately back at the office to boost readership, engagement and sales results. Jim has delivered keynotes and seminars to more than 70 publishing audiences in the U.S. and Europe, garnering consistently top scores from participants.


Meeting planners appreciate working with Jim because his presentations put participants first—he’s friendly, yet intense, he challenges attendees, yet offers down-to-earth solutions. His rules and tip-sheet handouts provide a clear roadmap to help editors and marketers improve performance. On an organizational level, Jim is meticulous and responds with alacrity to planners’ requests and deadlines.

Book him for provocative keynote and seminar topics like these:
  • The World’s Greatest Secret for Direct Response Success

  • Amazing New Techniques and Technologies for Publishing Websites

  • How to Hire Great Marketers Who Exceed Your Goals

  • How to Create an Editorial that Boosts Readership, Engagement and Renewal Rates

  • Proven Techniques for Boosting Email Open Rates

  • Public Relations for Publishers: How to Make It Pay

  • 10 Best Practices for Creating Successful Conferences

Jim brings more than 35 years of experience at his own publishing company and working with dozens of other publishers.  He has spoken about growing the publishing enterprise, webinars and conferences, sales training, copywriting, PR, editorial architecture and market positioning, among others.  To book Jim for your event, call 510-914-0958 or write: jim at

“You are clearly a master communicator. From your voice and eye contact to your body language, you are totally focused and seem to care intensely that we “get it.” As you listened to responses to your questions, each exchange became a teaching opportunity for you and a learning opportunity for us.  Thanks for sharing with us your golden rules . . . a distillation of hard-earned data gleaned over many years of producing and tracking direct and online advertising.


Karen Crommie

San Francisco Economic Roundtable

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