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When you’re facing momentous issues, talk with someone who understands your challenges . . . and ways forward.

When you’re puzzling about how to drive your firm to the next level, grappling with high-level personnel issues or working out strategic product development—it can be good to talk with someone you trust.

It can be helpful to get perspective and advice from someone who’s been there with his own company and brings the experience of dozens of others he’s consulted with.

Jim Sinkinson founded Infocom Group in 1980 and sold it in 2015. The company produced online data services, newsletters, webinars, books, special reports, ad-based media, live professional development conferences and seminars for the PR/corporate communications market.

For the last three decades he’s consulted with dozens of publishers to help them work through challenging situations, achieve clarity and develop specific strategies for growth.

If that kind of CEO-to-CEO collaboration could be of help to you, call Jim at 510-914-0958 or write: jim at  Let’s briefly discuss your situation and see whether there’s a fit.

"​Jim changed our culture---a total makeover in how we market to the banking industry.​ We went to benefit marketing messages, instead of just focusing on the "cool topic or event." Now we tell customers what they're going to get---we focus on how we help people.  In the products that Jim helped us write copy for, we saw an annual sales increase of about 35%. He has a way of pulling out hot topics in our industry very quickly. Jim is also very professional---you don't have to train him. He gets down to business.  He's very responsive, he works fast, and he does what he says he's going to do. One of my first concerns when I approached Jim was whether I could afford his fee.  We're a tiny company.  Today I never worry about what a job will cost.  It's always a fair price."


Bob Coleman

Editor and Publisher, Coleman Report

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