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How to Increase Customer Engagement, Loyalty & Trust: A Path to Increased Renewals

How one publisher increased readership by 73% and renewal rates by 14%—presented at BIMS in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Interview with Jim Sinkinson on “Biggest Opportunities and Challenges for Publishers in 2019”
Jim Interview BIMS 2018

Jim Interview BIMS 2018

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Why Renewal and Retention Campaigns Should Be Your #1 Priority

Jim explains why so many publishers ignore their single safest and highest ROI marketing activity—and why the numbers compel you to push renewals and retention to the top of your list

First Key to High Renewal & Retention Rates: Show Customers How to Profit from Your Content

Most customers know nothing about how to use your information to their advantage.  Jim explains how you can instruct and entice customers to use your product or service.

Increase Renewals & Retention by Delivering Content that Transforms Customers’ Lives

Jim explains how the same promise that persuades people to buy your information must govern your editorial or other content.  See examples of editorial or other content that transforms people’s lives.

Boost Revenue via Renewal Marketing that Threatens the Customer with Loss

Too many renewal series focus only on the features (number of issues) and mechanics (expiration dates).  Jim explains why all your renewal marketing must dramatize the perils ahead in a world without your product.

“Our company tries to get the best publishing minds from around the world to share their ideas.  Jim offers three unique perspectives: First, he has an expertise in both editorial and marketing—so he can tell you how to develop editorial that’s highly valuable and then how to sell it.  Second, his presentations are highly structured, with lots of lists and rules, so it’s easy for all members of a team to understand even complex ideas. Finally, Jim has a style that connects to the content in a sensitive way—he’s supportive of his participants, creating bridges that make them receptive to improvement. The fact that Jim is fluent in German has always been a bonus for us, since he understands our marketing and editorial and incorporates it into our training.”


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